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Looking for basics that feel as good as they look?
You’ve come to the right place.
Born in Oslo in 2015, THE PRODUCT is redefining what good basics mean, the simple Scandinavian way. 

There are no limited editions or seasonal collections, just one line of versatile everyday-wear for men and women to love and enjoy all year around.

No matter who you are or what you do, you want to feel comfortable every day.
- Founder of THE PRODUCT, Fredrik Lund

Driven by this insight and 20 years experience in the fashion industry, Fredrik, set out on a mission to break the stereotypical fashion mold.

As a 10th generation Osloite, the city’s mood and sense of quality is engrained in his genes. Determined to find out “what do we actually like to wear every day?”, Fredrik engaged with his family, friends and colleagues to create a recipe for a high quality – eco conscious – brand that delivers on comfort and value.

The Oslo based team sources the best quality fabrics to handle everyday life. Colors and styles are designed to be classic and timeless. Suppliers, fabrics, packaging and even methods of transportation are selected with sustainability in mind.

Think premium quality without breaking the bank. Super soft cotton and bamboo. Uncomplicated everyday essentials like T-shirts, sweaters, socks and underwear. Easy merino wool pieces, and some leather pants you’ll want to take dancing. 


At THE PRODUCT, our philosophy shares common ground with the principles of eco fashion. How? We take steps to lessen our negative impact on the environment and for us, social responsibility is a must.

Our contribution is to make long-lasting products. We don’t change our collections every season because we believe in creating garments that form a solid base to your wardrobe. No more buying, wearing, tearing and throwing away.

At THE PRODUCT, our decisions are conscientious and we play open cards. We choose fabrics that will provide our customers with comfortable, good looking and long lasting basics. If we have to use plastic for hygiene purposes, we choose biodegradable. We choose trains over planes.  All of our fabric and packaging decisions are made with sustainability in mind. We’re not at all perfect, but we believe in making informed choices and we are constantly striving to do better.  

Learn more about our materials

Our Bamboo viscose

 Bamboo is strong, fast-growing and turns into wonderfully soft clothes. The bamboo is planted and harvested in a responsible manner which ensures that it remains an available resource year after year. Bamboo is quickly renewable, it is effective when it comes to water and land use, and it requires no use of pesticides or fertilizers. Garments made of bamboo viscose stay soft without the use of fabric softener and are therefore ideal for people with sensitive skin or skin allergies. Our tee’s, socks and underwear are made using viscose originating from bamboo. Experience super comfort.

Our Organic cotton

At THE PRODUCT, we use GOTS certified cotton. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is internationally recognized as the toughest organic certification because it ensures that a product must be 70% certified organic fiber, cannot be treated with toxic substances or coloured with toxic dyes. It also ensures that the product has to be produced in a mill that has serious considerations for both it's workers and the environment. In a nutshell – it means that the whole process of producing the final product meets the highest environmental and social responsible standards. Hello better conscience.

Our Leather

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhides, mostly cattle hide. Tanning is often done using chemicals, but we source leather that is tanned using natural materials. This is called vegetable tanning. It’s been around forever (literally, centuries). We like it because it’s more eco friendly and causes much less harm to the people involved and the environment. Due to the careful process and the natural tannins used, vegetable tanned leather develops a rich and beautiful patina, no two productions are exactly the same, thus creating really unique products. That is part of the charm using natural raw material and methods. Leather garments ages well and if you treat them right, they will be with you for a long time. You’ll like it.

Our Merino wool

Our knitwear is made using 100% Merino wool from Italian Biella Yarn – some of the best merino wool available. This natural yarn gives our products a distinctive character and feel. Merino is typically a finer, softer (and less scratchy) fabric, so it doesn’t just look good. It feels good too. At THE PRODUCT, we ensure high quality wool that is very durable and handles a gentle wash with wool detergent at 30 degrees. And we guarantee no pilling. Say goodbye to hand washing. Italian sourced wool, produced in Turkey, worn world-wide.



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